Performing at Palm Coast Coffee

Thanks for your interest in performing at Palm Coast! Our intent is to book a variety of music that compliments our facility and is well attended.
Bands/Performers are typically booked one to two months in advance. Our primary music nights are Friday and Saturday. Guarantees are paid to performers/groups that have either a local or regional following and attract a crowd.  Palm Coast is an outdoor venue that can accommodate up to 75 people that lends itself to acoustic music. Because we are an outdoor venue, weather can sometimes be an issue. In the event there are weather conditions that prevent a performance in our courtyard- the performance would be moved inside.

We are open to many genres, however, we do not book metal, grunge, hip-hop and prefer bands and performers with original material.
The facility is equipped with a house PA.

A mixer (which is not provided) is required to access the house system.

Step One:
Please provide the following info via email (no calls please) to

1. Information concerning your ability to promote- i.e Facebook, Reverbnation and general attendance.
2. Performer Profile-Please include link to websites such as Sonicbids and Reverberation.
3. Description—include a press quote if you have one (100 words or less)
4. Image
5. Audio Sample- less than 10mb in size
6. Primary Url
7. Contact Name-email-phone.
8. Dates Available (30 words or less)
9. Financial Requirements

Step Two:  (Promotion!)
Promoting your act or group is very important for initial or continued bookings.
We make an effort to promote our events, including our website, in-house calendar of events and utilizing local media. In large part, however, the promotion is up to you!!  We need approximately five 11×17 posters to promote the show. Flyers should include a short description of your music or a media quote. They should also be mailed to us at least 3 weeks before your show date.

Step Three: (Parking – Unloading)
Load in time is around 6:30 p.m. There is a side alleyway between our building and the shops next door called Oglethorpe Ave. If you are touring with a van and/or trailer it will be easier for you to go through the light on Kingsway/Ocean to your next right and then take a right at the first stop sign. Once you turn you will see the back gates to Palm Coast. This will put you and your gear close to our stage.  Enter through the back gate. Our stage is located in the center of our side and back courtyard.  Parking on the island is a sport, particularly with a trailer.  After unloading, you might want to park in the area in front of the pier which is 1 block south of Palm Coast.  There are a limited number of parking spaces on the street surrounding so please make sure that you observe the no parking or reserved signs
Our patrons enjoy sitting on both sides of the stage - so please keep this in mind while setting up.

Step 4: The Show
Palm Coast provides a laid back atmosphere for our patrons to enjoy music so we ask that bands perform 2 seventy five minute sets  with 30 minute (managed )break  between sets .  Downbeat at around 8:30 PM-- This keeps your listeners and our customers having a good time!
SOUND LEVEL- The stage at Palm Coast is located between our building and a two story structure next door -  It doesn’t take a lot of volume to fill up the space- there is  a noise ordinance in the village.  Please adjust your overall sound accordingly.  If you are instructed to adjust sound levels – please make the adjustment immediately.

Please be mindful of what you leave behind!  We provide trash cans to the front and left of stage for empty bottles, broken strings, string packaging, etc...

Last but not least. Enjoy yourself!- we have great customers that love great music!
Thanks for sharing your talents with Palm Coast!!